Where to get good bread in Playa del Carmen?

| June 30, 2020

No matter if you preparing for a breakfast or wanting to have a light lunch, bread can be, without any doubt, the first choice for the majority of the people, this very common mixture of wheat and flour need to be part of every meal. You can find them in so many places around, however if you want to be delight for a well-prepared ones, here you can find a list of some spots where talented bakers make their magic giving you the best bread to have in Playa de Carmen.

1) Das Brot

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This bakery, as its name means “The bread”, they cannot offer something that is not the best bread. This cute bakery is run by a German-born high talented baker who brings all the traditions of the German Bakery to create wholesome breads and divine pastries. Besides the great multigrain bread, you can find here pastries full of yumminess such as cinnamon rolls, apple strudel, and even they offer a vegan bread version.

They are located on 40th Avenue between 8th and 10th Street. If you fancy really good German bread, this is place you should go.

2) The Grumpy Bakers

They are a couple of bakers that create delightful types of bread, pastries, cakes, cookies among other delicious creations. They called themselves grumpy, but whether they are grumpy or not, they find a way to craft so tasty treats. They do not have a fixed place, but normally they can be found in the Kava Kasa market on Thursday afternoon. If you see them, do miss the opportunity to try their heavily made bread.

3) Chez Celine

If we are talking about good bakeries, we need to include Chez Celine, there you can find a wide menu with French inspiration of pastries full of deliciousness and sophistication. The bread here is just amazing, if you pop in the restaurant and feel the incredible smells of the hot bread fresh out of the oven, you won’t resist trying it.

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They offer a wide menu to have breakfast or ideal for brunch time, but no matters what you choose, give a try to their delightful bread.

4) La Brioche

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This spot on the 5th Avenue, it’s more than bakery/coffee shop, they offer different type of homemade food with great taste and reasonable prices. They have a great bread and pastries selection.