Pic ur Photo Terms & Conditions for Creators

We like to keep things simple and straight to the point:


By uploading here, you certify that you either own the asset outright or have the explicit rights to distribute it in the manner sought on Pic ur Photo, and you have the explicit right to agree to these terms. You take full liability for any illegal distribution of assets uploaded using your account.


You always retain copyright of your media, but you grant Pic ur Photo an irrevocable license to use them for any normal business operation, including, but not limited to posting on our website, or social media. We may include your photo in our content, including blog articles, videos and how-to’s.

Generally speaking, customers buying media from a personalized or “non-stock” gallery buy an extended license, provided all subjects have consented to the terms, no copyrighted works appear in the media, and no other license has been agreed to beforehand. If media cannot legally be distributed using the extended license, the sale is defaulted to the editorial license.

“Stock media” customers may buy any of the 3 licenses, depending on what the creator has made available for the specific asset.

Storage & Security:

You understand that while we do our best to keep your data and media safe, we cannot take responsibility for stolen assets or people using your media outside the boundaries of their respective licenses.

Personal Information:

You grant us the right to use any personal information entered into our system for the purpose of asset and user management. We also retain your email address for notification purposes and occasional marketing emails. We’ll never use your email address maliciously, and you can opt out of marketing at any time.


You are required to attend all photoshoots booked through our system. Failure to do so may lead to suspension of your account, and refunds of any fees taken.

Cancellations & Refunds:

We reserve the right to cancel your shoots, and give your customers refunds for any reason we see fit. If you fail to keep up with Pic ur Photo standards, your account may be terminated.