Where to buy traditional Mexican Outfits?

| April 10, 2020

The Mexican culture is so rich and vibrant. It’s the result of the mixture of its ancient civilizations with Spanish influences. Mexican culture has undergone an incredible transformation during the last centuries, creating an identity that is recognizable all over the world. How to see a Charro or a poncho and not to think in Mexico.

If you’re in Playa del Carmen there are some places where you can find some traditional garments to wear. It’s a perfect souvenir or a great complement to your photos. Here is my top three shops when I’m looking for great quality, low prices and authenticity.

1) Kin Mayab

Kin Mayab which is located in the 5th Avenue, offers to its clients a variety of stylish traditional outfits with high quality of fabric and confection. The options span from guayaberas and huipiles (traditional light-clothes blouses) to accessories like sombrero (traditional hats) and handbags. All of them made of colorful fabrics that resemble the Mexican culture.

2) El Jaguar Dorado

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It’s a small boutique and workshop at 8th street just into 10th avenue and 15th avenue, where you can find handmade garments with traditional colours including ponchos and shoulder bags. You’ll not find china-made customs here, all their textiles are hand dyed and sewn.

3) Rosalia Textiles Maya

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This is a great spot to find gorgeous embroidered aboriginal garments. The textile pieces are made by Chiapas native and its range from wool-animal suits like serapes and huipils to lovely blankets. This workshop is located on 5t Avenue, between 12th Street and 14th Street.

When you buy in any of these shops you’ll buy an authentic piece of the Mexican customs and you'll also support the locals. It can be a great souvenir or try it on to give your wardrobe a bohemian vibe.