What to bring to Playa del Carmen?

| April 10, 2020

Packing is definitely not the best part of travelling. What Should I bring? What Would I need? Sometimes, I've packed to much clothes, returning home to realize that I haven’t used a half of the baggage. In others, just arriving the place, I needed to go straight to the shops to buy all the stuffs I forgot. If you have travelled before, I'm sure, you'll feel identified with this.

But, No worries, if Playa del Carmen is your next destination, I’ll save you all these problems, I’ll give you the list of the essentials you should have in your baggage for your next trip.

1) Swimsuit: What a surprise! It’s obvious you need to include it. Depending how many days you’ll be here, you’ll need more or less bathing suits. I recommend you, taking at least three, keep in mind that the weather is humid here and dry your clothes can last a little longer, that way you’ll always be prepared for a beach day or the poolside.

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2) Clothing: Bring casual clothes that make you feel comfortable. It may be obvious but avoid warm fabrics, go for lighter ones. Remember to include a little nicer dressing to night out to the 5th Avenue (Quinta Avenida).
In reference to the shoes, the best option for both, men and women, is a pair of sandals. You can bring casual sandals for the everyday and more dress-up version to night out. Moccasins is a great option too.

Include hats in your baggage, sun protection gains importance in hot weathers like you’ll find in Playa del Carmen. A sun hat will protect both your skin and your eyes.

Don’t forget your sunglasses, ensure that they have good quality and they’ll protect your eyes.

3) Sunscreen: It’s a must for any trip to Playa del Carmen. Be aware the brand you choose is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

4) Bug repellent: Be careful never hurts. Normally, you do not need it in Playa, but if you willing to go to archaeological places it's a useful accompaniment. In general, during the wet season is better to have a bug spray.

5) Great camera and water-proof protection: There are a lot of pictures spots all over the Playa del Carmen. So, bring your camera or mobile and don’t miss out. If you have a good water-protection, you’ll have the opportunity to take wow underwater shots in a cenote, in the snorkelling areas or in the eco parks.

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6) Batteries and Power Banks: No matter if you’re not a techno-dependent, you should bring your batteries back-ups. It isn’t easy to find an electrical connection to charge your electronics devices. So, you don’t want to lose the chance to get a shoot of that amazing landscape because your camera-battery is dead. Be prepared!

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7) Beach Bag: It’s a very useful article. It makes your life a lot easier to bring your stuff to the beach or a pool.