Tulum´s must know budget recommendations

| July 9, 2020

Riviera Maya is a place that will allow you to do a lot of activities… especially if you have the money for it. But sometimes you have to keep the expenses in mind to travel, and being foreigner in this place of México, even for Mexicans that have never been there, this goal can be a little difficult to achieve. It is such a touristic place that the cheaps places can be hidden from the new eyes of the zone. Tulum is no exception, so we present in this list Tulum must know budget recommendations.

Tulum Centro

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We could say for a low budget that the main attractions of Tulum are in the Archaeological Zone and the Hotel Zone, in the town zone there is not much to see, however, it is an excellent option to eat, stay and party and the best of all is that is much more accessible in prices. By car, it is 15 minutes from the beach, but everything is much cheaper. And if is not in your numbers to rent a car, you can rent a bike. It is also a great zone to do shopping!

A place very accessible on prices is "La Barracuda", in this same note of prices we also recommend "Camello Jr.", and the cheapest was "Kahlúa", but in this last one don´t expect to love the taste as much as the prices. To go out at night consider "Batey", which is a mojitos bar with live music and "El Milagrito". Don´t miss the chance to visit "La Estancia Jujena" this place has amazing options, great quality, and more accessible prices.

How to get to Tulum

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It is the cheapest and most comfortable way to get there. If you use GPS to search for "Tulum", "Playa Paraíso", "Tulum Archaeological Zone" or "Tulum Hotel Zone", depending on where you want to go.
It is a 2 hours road from Cancun and 1 hour from Playa del Carmen. The road is safe and free.
To rent a car we recommend the preferential rates of Mexico Car Rental. It is required to be over 25 years of age, have a valid license and a credit card.

There are shuttles to Tulum every 10 minutes leaving from Playa del Carmen, from Cancun you have to take two buses, the first to Playa del Carmen and the second to Tulum. They operate from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm. Each trip costs around $50 per person, you can take them on the federal highway or in Playa del Carmen on Calle 2 with 20.

From Cancun airport to Pueblo it costs $276 per person. You can check more destinations and buy your tickets on the official page of the ADO company.

If you are short on time, there is also the option of going on a day tour, normally this tour includes Tulum and Cobá. There is a 1-day tour with Xcaret, the visit includes Tulum, Cobá and in the end, eat at Xelha.

This is the most expensive option and the one we least recommend. A taxi from Playa del Carmen costs approx. $1,500 for the single trip.

Lodging options in Tulum

The cheapest:

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Tulum Centro will give you the cheapest options. There is a great offer of accommodation on Airbnb for $650 a night. Find a place with air conditioning and preferably that you include bikes, most of the accommodations in Tulum include them.

In front of the beach:

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This could be hard to get in the Tulum zone if you don´t have a big budget to spend, it is a more expensive accommodation but also worth it. With these specifications, a minimum private room costs $1,600 per night, in the low season. A good option for this could be the Nomade Hotel, you will love it.

Playa del Carmen :
Another option is to stay in Playa del Carmen and go and return the same day. We recommend looking for something near Fifth Avenue so it will be easier to move to the shuttles or Tour stations.

No matter the budget, the Mexican Caribe will always be a good idea.