Top Pic ur Photo locations in London

| September 22, 2020

London, a place where magical things can happen, and if we talk about photo locations, well this is the place where Pic ur Photo was born, the place that inspired us to get you in the frame!

London´s vibe has a very special filling. We decided to create this article to take you to all our available special photo spots inside this city. From the prettiest neighborhoods to the amazing Tower Bridge and locations that contain the most amazing architecture of the City. We will show you where the magic mini shoots happen, what outfit could work, and how to get there. Also some of our best photo examples for you to get an idea of what will be the result If you book your photo session.

Portobello Road

Portobello Road is one of London’s best-kept secrets because, in terms of fame, it’s overshadowed by neighboring Notting Hill, but it has all the elegance and beauty, plus a little extra diversity. This place does well when you wear smart casual with a slach of colors..but it also has a quirky Brick Lane-esque side to it.

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Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard is one of the most hidden “must-go's” on all of Instagram. You could walk right by one of the entrances if you don't know where you're going, but it's one of the most colorful places in London, with vibrant blues and oranges good enough to make even your day shine.

This is a dynamic area, but the vibe that works best is the "artist" type. If you love baggy jumpers, overalls, or splatter paint on yourself, this is your spot. Even if you don't though, there's a spot for you here..just wear what makes you feel uppity.

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Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of the most picturesque places in London. The baby blues and pinks are great for maternity shoots, fashion bloggers, and families!

Notting Hill is the ultimate photo location in London. It is also one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city.

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Richmond Riverside

Richmond is a beautiful pocket in Southwest London, with scenic riverside sunsets, green pastures, and hundreds of years old buildings.

This is where you take your Grandmother to brunch, so wear something nice..though it can get a bit hot in the Summer! White & blue clothes/Summer attire appreciated (boat shoes optional).

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Carnaby Street

What happens when you mix pretty, quaint with touristy? Carnaby Street. Right near Oxford Circus, Carnaby street is popular among shoppers but small and beautiful like Notting Hill. Let the shine of this place take over the scene and make you shine like the superstar you are inside.

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South Kensington

South Kensington does well when you wear smart casual with "pretty" colors, like baby blue, light yellow, and pastel pink. It shares with you this air of contemporary London and the history behind it´s bricked walls. It has so many architectural spots with an obvious elegance perfect for this kind of lifestyle shooting. It has the perfect scene for elegance and romance in one place.

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Belgravia is one of the most picturesque places in all of London. Similar to Sloane Square, but with more legendary mewses and loads of green space!
Belgravia does well when you wear smart casual with "pretty" colors, especially blue, pink, and all the pastel list of colors you have in your closet.

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London Bridge

The Square Mile (Monument/Bank) is the main and historic Financial District of London. Home to the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England, it’s great for formal shoots, and people who want to look professional. It also has incredible river views with historic buildings like the Shard and Tower Bridge in the background.

If you ever wanted to wear a suit, this is the place to do it. Home of some of the oldest (still running) financial institutions in the world, Lond Bridge and Bank have that classic old money look.

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Sloane Square

Sloane Square is the perfect picture of historical London, complete with centuries-old buildings, colorful architecture, and Sloane Square is right at the center of it. Set in Chelsea, Sloane Square is the perfect combination of elegance and class that will set you apart.

You and I both know this is the poshest place in London, where you need a bottle of champagne and 7 crumpets just to enter. Wear something nice...but not too nice. Smart-casual, with a little bit of color, do well here. There's a lot of white, so try and stand out against it a bit.

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Brick Lane

Brick Lane is one of the coolest places in London, or so they say. Quirky, Hip, know, cool. Brick Lane is perfect for those of you who prefer a little adventure, like rough edges, but also the best beer and coffee in town. Quirky, hip, retro, bright colors? They all do well here.

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Covent Garden

Covent Garden is an iconic piece of London history and culture, and it also puts on one of the best Christmas displays in the city, so we’ve chosen it just for this special occasion. Covent Garden is extremely dynamic, with spots for professionals and creatives alike. Some spots go best with pristine white sweaters, while others are great with Jackson Pollock jumpers.

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Soho is just a little bit of everything. Do you want Bank-like professional shots? Soho. Rustic or Retro, 70’s style? Soho. Futuristic 2070’s feeling? Soho again. Not to mention it’s one of the most easily accessible areas of London. Soho wants you as you are. It's one of the most diverse spots in London (for its size), and it works for you.

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With that said, the best pictures are always taken when you feel like "you", and especially somewhere that matches your personality. It only takes a jump to the front of our cameras to let the magic happen!