Things you can do in Cancun in the search for Turquoise adventure

| July 6, 2020

Cancun can be known for different versions of big parties around spring breakers, but if you choose the right season, it turns to be an excellent place to spend a holiday with your loved ones and the whole family.

From the beautiful turquoise sea to the incredible fun waterparks and extreme adventures, Cancun is a place of rest and fun for all ages and different tastes, where activities are not reduced to a day on the beach swimming or taking the sun, although it is always a good idea ...

I present this list of tours and places you can visit so you and the rest of your family can get your excitement going and plan a fun family vacation where no member is left behind to have fun.

1) Ventura Park

It is an excellent option for the whole family. With 5 different worlds within the same place, this an excellent choice to enjoy a fun ride. You can begin with twists and turns in an inflatable for two people, such as the twister, but as I mentioned before the options are open for everyone so if you are looking to relax with a drink, you will enjoy the lazy river and the artificial wave pool.

It is a place for all ages and the little ones are no exception. For them, the fun awaits in the water park for children and the wet bubble. In Ventura Park you can be surprised all the time it is the only amusement park in Cancun that combines aquatic elements, swimming with dolphins, zip lines, virtual reality, go-karts, and roller coaster, all in one place!

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2) Turtle farm in Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small island that can be reached by ferry from Puerto Juarez. The turtle farm is located in the northern part, there, is a small ranch called “tortugranja” where you can see this wonderful species, of different ages, from birth to grown adults; It is an excellent place to appreciate the importance of this species and respect them.

This is an excellent option to visit with the little ones of the family, but I can assure you that adults will have the chance to feel like children again on the sight of these marvelous creatures.

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3) Yacht Rental in Cancun

This is an excellent option to get to know the Mexican Caribbean Sea, from going fishing to visiting the beaches and islands that the Caribbean has to offer, a boat trip can include drinks and food, or even ski equipment; or if your prefer, just use the boat. It's your choice, but don't forget your eco sunblock. There are services you can hire directly from your hotel, or in any case, there is always the touristic agencies to help you out in this mission.

This can be a little expensive if you have a tight budget but it is a great idea if you go on your honeymoon, or just a fun birthday celebration with friends, bachelor parties, or fishing with the family. It is a different way of picnic overseas. The closest area you would want to visit in Isla Mujeres, and also a great option to snorkel. Make sure that if you are doing it, the service you hire has all the safety equipment for you and your traveling partners.

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4) Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is one of the most emotional and memorable activities in Cancun, these wonderful creatures attract us with their intelligence and we also cause them curiosity, and it is this mechanism that makes one and others enjoy that moment of coexistence. Dolphinaris Cancun is a great option for this, is located at km 25 of the hotel zone. You will have a trainer by your side that will make this experience fuller, giving you and your partners the instructions for all the activities and so you can feel confident at the moment you are interacting with the dolphins. It is something you will never forget.

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5) Parasailing Cancun

If you enjoy a bit more extreme activities here is a great option for you. The parasailing rides are something you can do and there are many options along the entire beach of Cancun, take advantage to see the Riviera Maya from the heights, and enjoy the turquoise blue from the parachute. I assure you that this is what is called a front-row seat.

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6) Jetski Ride

If you are one of those who enjoy the most extreme adventures, you should not miss the opportunity to live this experience. Jet ski services can be found around the beaches of Cancun and the Caribbean. These super speed bikes will make you enjoy a time of extreme fun. The prices depend on the number of extra services you add, but some include the transport with air-conditioned, but the average is $65 USD.

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7) Atv’s in the middle of the jungle

If you still have the stress from back home carrying on you back, one day of "all-terrain" escape is exactly what you need. An experience in a four-wheeler to explore the jungle and some options to take you swimming to a cenote. They have the option of including food, and drinks, but most importantly, you will have an experience that you will not forget.

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8) Swim with a whale shark:

Would you like to meet the biggest fish in the world? That 's right, the Mexican Caribbean besides having spectacular places and food is the house of the whale shark, which is indeed a fish, it is not a mammal-like whale, but not a shark, its diet is exclusively plankton. It is a huge impression to see them close, some measure 10-12 meters and weigh more than 15 tons. It is important to mention that we are the visitors at their home, so, remember to use sunscreen friendly to our planet.

In Cancun, north of Isla Mujeres, there is an area of ​​whale shark passage, and between May and September is the best sighting period. You can take a tour that takes you from Cancun or even directly from your hotel. Or if you remember in past articles I also mention Holbox Island as an option to see them.

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These options offer you experiences besides the party, the sun and the beach, that will make your trip to Cancun something different and unforgettable. Maybe will be hard to see them all in one trip and budget, but this leaves you with a list of reasons to return.