Tips to discober Tulum

| July 30, 2020

Tulum has a lot to see and tour. It could be a place that will not let you go as easily as Playa del Carmen or Cancún. The magic of this place is all around, from the people to the places and things to do it will make you want to spend more time than programed. But do not worry. Here we present you with some tips to make your life easier. Basically Tulum is divided into 4 large areas: Archaeological Zone, Hotel Zone, the Beach Zone, and Town Zone.

Archaeological area:

Arrive as early as possible to make the day work for you and not be touched by as many people, nor as hot.
Bring a hat, comfortable shoes and light clothes, since even in winter it is very hot. Do not forget your bathing suit and towel so you can go swimming on the beach. Please note that there are no bathrooms or dressing rooms. Try to carry a thermos with water, inside you won´t find anything to buy. Another recommendation is to eat before, they don´t allow food to enter the site, only drinks.

Something super cool about Tulum is that you can still go down to the beach by a wooden staircase that is on the cliffs, and best of all, you can swim, so don\'t forget your swimsuit. Keep in mind that there are no bathrooms or dressing rooms, so the idea is to take under your clothes.

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Beach Zone:

The entire beach chunk that is between the Archaeological Zone and the Hotel Zone is known locally as Playa Paraíso, although they really are a group of beaches with different names. You can get there walking from the archaeological site, the first beach is called Santa Fe. It is very worth doing the boat ride to the reef, you can buy it directly from the boatmen for $ 200 pesos. Access to Playa Paraíso is free and is very beautiful. There if you can bring your own food and drinks, just don 't forget to take your trash. But if you are looking for a spot to relax and spend the day, our special recommendation is the beach club Coco Tulum.

Just in Playa Paraíso, there are several local boat cooperatives that do guide tours. Basically there are two stops: the first to see the Archaeological Zone from the seaside and the second to snorkel in the second largest reef in the world, after Australia.

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Hotel zone:

In general, beach clubs, restaurants, and bars are very expensive, but there are 3 very good and more accessible options: Eufemia, Clandestino and I Scream Bar. Without a doubt the cheapest in the Hotel Zone.

Throughout this entire area, there are several beach clubs, which are honestly somewhat expensive, especially in high season, since they generally charge a minimum consumption and also the rent of the facilities. There is Villa Pescadores and in the low season, you will only pay for our consumption.

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Town Zone:

For saving purposes, we recommend going deep into this option. Even though is not close to the beach, you can find options inside a short budget and still have a great time.

You will find a market zone where the prices are great if you have a place to cook, and at night, the bar zone is accessible and close to this area. If you choose to go for an Airbnb and you don´t feel like cooking, there are options where they can include breakfast. Also, you can do great souvenirs shopping and for more affordable prices.

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Take your pick and have a blast, because Tulum has a lot for everyone.