The best urban photo spots in México City

| July 7, 2020

Whenever you are traveling around México and specially México City, you will find many different scenarios that will inspire you to do amazing photos. Is well known that this country has such a rich way of living that no matter if you are in the center of the country or down south in the Riviera Maya, you won´t stop being surprised by the authenticity of the people or just a regular facade, your eyes will explore many colors and textures that are worth taking a moment just to take a piece of that present to your future.

1) Torre Latinoamerica

An amazing place to start if the first thing you want is to get your locations into a more understandable perspective. México is City is one of the biggest cities in the world so it is very hard sometimes to not get confused about how to move around or just get an idea of where south and north are.

The Latinamerican Tower is an icon amongst the city but also a great spot to get a bunch of great pictures. It is located downtown and if you planned well you can spend a couple of days just visiting this area because of the number of museums and historic places it has to offer. Torre Latinoamerica - one of the tallest buildings in the city. The observation tower from the top gives you 360 views of the giant city below. But as you might imagine, it is not a great idea to go on a cloudy day. Maybe after a good rain, because it helps the pollution in the air clear, or the best option, on a windy day.

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2) Tiled blue House

Continuing in order and for Instagram lovers, and very close to the same spot, you will find this gorgeous tiled wall, and it is located just one block away from the tower. The best place to view the tile is in the alleyway on the western side of the building.

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3) Parque México

This is a photo spot that might look familiar if you looked for pictures on Instagram of México City before. Parque México is one of the beauties of this city, and it contains There are ponds, fountains, archways, gazebos, and tons of pathways lined with lush greens. Another big part of its attraction is that this is a very cultural space on weekends, so if you are more the quiet type, is better to visit this place in the morning.

One of my favorite photo spots here is on the southern edge, there is an area of large columns, with pink colors and a vast surrounding of nature.

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4) San Angel neighborhood

Well, remember I was talking about how hard it was to pick between so many places? Here is a perfect example of why. San Angel neighborhood has magic photo spots wherever you look, from pink walls to the lush greens and flowers, and the winding cobblestone streets fun to wander. Start in the Plaza San Jacinto and then walk west. Be sure to wind through some of the residential side streets before looping back around. This residential neighborhood doesn’t have many activities you can do but just contemplate a various number of Instagram moments by the exception of a charming artisan market on Saturdays called El Bazar Sabado on Saturdays.

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5) Coyoacan

Coyoacan has a life of its own and I will give you more detailed lists of what to eat and do here, but also couldn\'t be out of this list since it is a historic and colorful spot in the city that will make you feel why Frida Kahlo was so inspired for creating color paintings and proud of her Mexican roots. I cannot tell you to aim just one street or spot to visit, this is a task you have to make happen on your own and just let your feet move by the sight that makes you inspired to take amazing photos. But be prepared, because this is the spot you want to look the best and if you already did some Mexican shopping for your outfits this is the place to put them on for the Instagram photos. So buy the ice cream, take the bottle of water and shoes that allows you to get loose and comfortable.

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6) Santa Maria La Ribera

Following a similar inspiration for photos, this neighborhood has a lot more to offer, from the fantastic Kiosco to the facades of the mansions of art deco, which is a spot for photos you won\'t want to miss out on. Going back to the Kiosco Morisco is made entirely of wrought iron and has Moorish influences in the arches, columns, and dome.

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7) Polanco

Serious talk, this is a place you want to visit in the city. Here is where hip, trendy, and classy urban people meet. A place that has it´s between neighbors the Mexican Famous people, from fashionistas to movie stars and the most trendy places to eat, Polanco has a shine of its own and so do the places you can have great Instagram moments. It has museums, beautiful and romantic facades, a train cross that has a background of amazing buildings, urban streets that will give you a Londonish vibe, colorful parks with modern elements, and just a paradise for photo sessions that will give you the likes that you were looking for. It is very close to Chapultepec, which has historic relevance with museums inside and is the biggest park in Mexico City, something like a Central Park, but in a very Méxican big city way, but let´s leave this one for the best historic and cultural photo spots...

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8) Condesa

" ¡Ay Condesa de mis amores! ", this means, oh my love Condesa!, and you will hear this expression between Mexicans a lot when you hear them talk about this neighborhood. You might think is very similar to Polanco, but this place has more romance and art to it. A place where you might run into celebrities also, but the kind that wants to mix into a more normal and accessible lifestyle. Still has very exclusive places to visit but they try to keep it down, and if you keep this route going, la Condesa will connect you to the next neighborhood called Roma or \"Zona rosa\" that has an even more accessible, urban, but bustling energy, normal transformation in a big city if you keep heading downtown area. La Condesa is the place that in every corner will inspire you to take a picture at the same time you eat ice cream and sit around in the park to maybe write something or draw if you are into this activities, or just rent one of the city bikes and go around the neighborhood.

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9) Reforma

Talking about heading downtown, and, to transition to the historical and more cultural list, closing the list is Reforma avenue. This place is perfect for the urban type of photos, as it is one of the main avenues of the city and in it, are some amazing buildings to use for an Instagram story. It also has one of the most famous icons in all Méxco and with historical relevance... the Independence angel. We could say is a very similar representation of NY´s statue of liberty. From big trees to wide streets, this avenue is a \"must visit\" place on your list.

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Instagram lover or not this list will give you a guide of the urban places in the city worth visiting for your eyes and senses to marvel, and remember is always a great idea to stop and take a great photo back home. This is a list that contains the best selection of locations with urban vibes, and trust me; it was a tough work to pick the best ones since the city is drowning in gorgeous spots all around it.