The best seasons to visit the Riviera Maya

| July 9, 2020

Riviera Maya is what you would expect of paradise, but not everything can be perfect, as you might have heard, there are some seasons where paradise gets a little messy and the sargassum make an appearance, especially in rainy days and hot water. That´s why we made this peace because we want to have the best time and enjoy the turquoise waters and cenotes this paradise offers. It is something you don´t want to miss.

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You definitely have to visit on these next seasons:

December, January, and February: The best season to go is during the winter since the climate is very pleasant, there is no extreme heat, there is no probability of rain and there is no sargassum. A plus, if you visit on January and February, is that the prices are considerably more affordable than December but, the magic of December and the feeling of Christmas and new year surrounds the Riviera everywhere you go, and as you would maybe imagine a new year night looking at the stars is a perfect way to start the year. So is up to you but these three months are perfect to get into these waters! The only downside to this is that it might be harder to see to bioluminescent sea in Holbox at this time of year...

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Maybe an option to consider:

September, October, and November: During the fall the heat and sargassum decrease, but there is a high probability of rain. But here you can find the opportunity to have good prices because is low season. Though not everything might be open for the same reason, as we mentioned before, Holbox waits until September for the bioluminescent and the quiet of the season is the perfect choice for those who are not in love with the crowds.

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March, April, and May: In spring there is little chance of rain and sargassum has not yet arrived, but the weather is very hot. In any case, the hot weather could be ideal for some if they want to enjoy of the clear and quiet waters of this season. What´s very good about this time is that you will find people but not much and also is the time when you can sight the whale shark in Isla Mujeres and Holbox at the end of April until September, and with the whale shark comes bioliminicen and flamingos.

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As much as possible try to avoid:

June, July, and August: During the summer the weather is super hot and there is a lot of sargassum. With the heat, these algae proliferate and in addition to smelling ugly, the water turns brown instead of blue. Maybe this is an extreme scenario, but we want to tell you the details, of what could be the worst scenario so you can be prepared, the good thing about this season is the number of places that are open to the public, and there are tons of places you can visit in case you weather luck is not at it´s best. Maybe take a look into the rest of our articles so you can check the options you have, like the Xcaret chain of parks!

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In some cases, the adventure comes with unecxñpected surprises on the way, but it is always a good option to plan ahead so you can enjoy the season of your preference and have the best time in your vacations!