The best Public Beaches in Cancun

| July 8, 2020

Cancun has 22 kilometers of amazing white sand beaches and incomparable crystal clear waters located on the shores of Quintana Roo in Mexico. All of them are public and there are for all tastes: calm waters, fun waves, crowds, and parties or more lonely and peaceful.

Here you have the best options, so prepare your swimsuit!

1) Chac Mool Beach

This beautiful open sea area is ideal if you are looking for a place for practical activities in waters with more exciting waves this is the site. It is a place with a lot of tourist flow and very well located. I already found some places of entertainment and restaurants. In addition to the great advantage of having access to bathrooms and showers. It is located approximately 10 km from the hotel zone and if you have a vehicle you have your own parking lot.

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2) Nizuc Beach

It is one of the hidden treasures in Cancun if you are looking for a space to visit with your furry friends. This is one of the few Pet-Friendly beaches and has the perfect space for you to spend a super fun day with the whole family. Its location is far from the areas of high concentration of tourism, this is a guarantee not to find so many people in the place. Although it anticipates the following, the schedule in which they allow entry with pets is from 5 am to 11 am and is 25 km from Kukulcan Boulevard.

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3) Lobster Beach

You want to know the synonym of paradisiacal waters within the area, this is the place!
It is one of the quietest beaches, with waters without waves and depth ideal for children of the whole family, without having to worry so much about the risks of more dangerous areas. It is ideal for activities with the whole family, so do not forget football and volleyball, as well as your frisbee. Space is the idea for this type of sports activities, and if you have the equipment you can practice kite surfing, ideal in this type of water. It is located in front of the Bay of Women, in the km. 5 in addition to having a dock with services to move to Isla Mujeres.

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4) Tortugas Beach

If you are a lover of sports and water activities this is the ideal beach for you.
From snorkeling, swimming, and bungee jumping this is one of the most visited public beaches in Cancun, in addition to having a party spirit that can not be missed when you visit the Caribbean. The mojitos can not be missing in this environment. It has enough space for you to put your towel on the sand and enjoy a beautiful day, it is located at kilometer 6.5 of the Hotel Zone.

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5) Dolphins Beach

Playa Delfines is another of the best beaches in Cancun, with strong waves, so surf lovers get ready!
And I could not miss the best part of this beach ... Dolphins! For this, you have to set your alarm earlier and visit at dawn. This is your chance to see them pass. Since if you want to see them more closely you can hire a Tour that will take you to the exact point. Another advantage of this place is that you will have the opportunity to eat the typical "Mexican snacks " traveling. It is not a place if you are looking for a fixed establishment to eat. You can bring your own food or taste at a more affordable price the stalls that are there. In addition to having bathrooms and games for the little ones. If you arrive early you may be lucky to find space in the public palapas or rent some of the ones they offer. It is located at kilometer 18 of the hotel zone, near Punta Nizuc. Don't forget to take your picture in the giant letters of the Cancun spot.

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6) Caracol Beach

If you are looking for a quiet and ideal place to relax, this is a good option. Its waters are calm and the crowds too. Another attraction is its pier, perfect for taking photos and spending quiet time with your partner. The view is spectacular from here. If you are hungry during your visit, the place has restaurants and hotels that you can visit. It is located 8.5 km from the Hotel Zone.

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7) Ballenas Beach

This beach is ideal for water sports because it is located in the open sea area. A perfect space for those who prefer relaxation, before the party. The currents here are usually very strong throughout the year. Pay attention to warning signs of security personnel. It is located at kilometer 14 of the Hotel Zone.

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8) Forum Beach

As the name implies, it is located behind the Forum Square, very close to the best discos, bars and restaurants, and a beautiful handicraft market. Precisely because of this, it is one of the busiest beaches in Cancun, but at the same time ideal for meeting people and having a fun time. Perfect for practicing sports such as surfing, it is ideal to spend some time with your friends. There is the rent of lounge chairs for comfort. But if it is in your plans to go in high season, make sure you arrive early.

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9) Lighthouse Punta Cancún

Beautiful option with a calm sea and low in-depth, very visited by its location near important places in the Hotel Zone. It is the option for a beach day and party night, as it is located near the area of ​​bars and hotels. Right at the end of the beach if you walk around 20 minutes you will find the famous lighthouse, a beautiful spot for a photo!

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10) Las Perlas Beach

It is located at kilometer 2.5 of the Hotel Zone. And it is the ideal place to spend a quiet and family time. It has restaurants and bars that will make your experience more fun and comfortable.

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Cancun is the turquoise paradise with 22 kilometers of white sand beach and a sea that captivates you from what you see for the first time on the plane. The coast of Quintana Roo has multi-destinations and for all tastes, despite the restriction in some of the hotel areas, there are still public destinations suitable for the whole family.