The Best Places to Buy Mexican art crafts in Cancun

| July 30, 2020

As you will remember in past articles, I mentioned some options to buy Mexican crafts in Playa del Carmen. This time I will do the same with Cancun. Remembering that Cancun is the most populated town in Quintana Roo, for this same reason, you can find more variety in options to prevent yourself from doing your shopping to bring souvenirs home.

1) La Isla Shopping Village

This is the most famous shopping mall in Cancun and one of the largest outdoor shopping malls in Mexico. It has a Venetian architecture, with channels that cross the square and end at the Nichupté lagoon. It has luxury boutiques, cinemas, a large aquarium, excellent restaurants, and of course, a great selection of handicrafts and souvenirs. It also has some stalls where prices are quite reasonable, to be a shopping center.

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2) Tulum Avenue

This avenue concentrates a large number of stores, including craft options, tours in Cancun, sportswear, swimwear, and souvenirs. Being in the downtown area, prices are usually more affordable than in the Hotel Zone. You will also find a range of services that will be very useful during your purchases, including restaurants, bars, convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and much more. This avenue is quite popular among the inhabitants of the city, in addition to the fact that you can reach the area in the same public transport that goes through the hotel zone.

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3) Black Coral Craft Market

The Coral Negro Handicrafts Market is one of the largest places to buy handicrafts in Cancun, with hundreds of stores with all kinds of handicrafts, typical costumes, jewelry, T-shirts, souvenirs, and a long list of purchases that you did not even have in mind. It is very common that haggling lovers attend this place, but the recommendation is that you stop a little to observe the quality of the pieces you buy since, in many occasions, the same producers are those who sell these pieces made by hand and what some would call unique, pieces that often take months to craft manually, so if you find these pieces it is a good time to apply the fair trade philosophy in the country you visit. This place is located in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone on Blvd. Kukulcan. Don\'t forget to consider planet-friendly bags in your purchases.

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4) Plaza La Fiesta

Plaza La Fiesta is a shopping center totally specialized in crafts. Their prices are fixed and they take care of their artisans, but the variety of options is usually larger and of higher quality. You will find jewelry, leather goods, silver and much more. It has a convenient location in front of the Convention Center, near the Coral Negro handicrafts market. I am sure this place will exceed your expectations and will make you want to come back to bring more memories home.

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5) Market 28

If you are looking for the perfect spot to make Instafotos while shopping, this is the place. You will not only marvel at the endless options for your purchases but with the beautiful options, they offer for an excellent photo, from its colorful corridors, very Mexican, to its ceramic stairs and pink walls that will achieve the best free memory of your visit. This place is distinguished by its maximum variety of Mexican crafts, clothing, silver, souvenirs, shoes and bags, hand-knitted, leather, accessories, etc ... great variety and at different prices. Very good option to visit.

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We present you list this with the same purpose of you having different prices and options to buy souvenirs, but also we want you to have options not only to buy but to have a great time. Don´t forget to take your camera with you. As we mention before Cancun has surprises everywhere so you can get inspired to take photos while doing shopping