The best Photo Spots in Tulum

| July 6, 2020

Tulum is very special not only because it has beautiful beaches, but also, you can find so many beautiful places for photography and Instagram moments, We would dear to say this is the best photo spot in the whole Riviera Maya. Is a full package experience and the favorite of favorites for those who are looking for trendy places surrounded by nature. The hotels and the ambiance speak for themselves in a unique concept. A special recommendation, this list was made ridding a bike, not only because it is a fun choice, but also because the spots are not very close to each other. at least not at high Sun hours.

We could keep talking about Tulum but we think is better to show you! Here we present the best photo spots you can find in Tulum.

1) Avenida Cobá

The best way we could recommend you to start this tour is at the beginning of Avenida Coba. It leads you to the beach area which has bars and beautiful spots to spend the day but on the way, you will find a lot of places to inspire you, eat and have a blast. There are different elements all throw this avenue, so take your pick and have fun.

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2) Follow that dream

We start with the furthest point, taking the Archaeological Zone as a reference. This is the sign "Follow that dream ". In addition to being photographic, we think it has a great message for you to share in a photo. It is located in the “Lolita Lolita” boutique store.

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2) Tulum Streets at sunset

As you might have heard happiness is enjoying the little things in life, and this picture is the perfect representation of this idea. The streets in Tulum are full of nature and palm trees, and if you pick the right time of the day, the sky has a show of its own to complements this scenario. Make of a simple walk, a memory.

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3) Daniel Popper sculpture

Daniel Popper is the creator of some of the most beautiful larger than life sculptures ever seen and this "Ven a la Luz " (come to the light in English) sculpture is a permanent installation at the entrance of Ahau Tulum in Mexico that literally stops traffic. Daniel takes art to the next level.

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4) Murals Tulum

The mural around Tulum are on the list of what makes it so special. The variety and number of them are spread around the town, hotels, and businesses. Find your favorite and take it into your Instagram collection. We are sure it will be a hit, pay special attention to the details, and try to get various shots so you can have the perfect one.

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5) Galery Sfer Ik Azulik

"Azulik" is the most famous hotel in Tulum for its very peculiar prices, one night can cost more than $ 100,000 pesos, luckily it has a super photographic art gallery that is FREE. It is open every day from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm and access is only for adults.

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6) Nomade Tulum

This is another special spot inside the Riviera and Tulum in general. The inside of this hotel is just beautiful. It has so many elements you can take to take photography, but this one, in particular, has a magic to it. Even though is only one of its ails, it has such a glowing to it that makes the model stand out from the photo.

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There a LOT of photo spots in Tulum! So it was very hard to make this list and we only include a few, but worry not! We have more photos for you to check in the rest of our articles and there you can find more photo locations for you.