Holbox most inspiring locations to take incredible photography

| August 6, 2020

An interesting fact is that Holbox is almost on the border between two seas, but it is more on the side of the Gulf of Mexico than the Caribbean. That is why its waters shine in green and blue colors that merge to give a turquoise horizon. It is the temporary home of the whale shark for much of the year and this makes Holbox a bioluminescence paradise from May to September. It is the ideal resting place but, at the same time, you will lack the time to enjoy live music and the places to visit. So have your camera always ready because you will surely see things that will catch your attention and you will not find them on this list.

But do not worry, here we present you the list that will make you take with you the best memories of the beautiful settings that this place offers to the viewer.

Passion Island

We start with one of the most impressive places in Holbox. This Islet is home to more than a great variety of bird species that you will be able to observe from a viewpoint that you can get to on a Boat Tour, which will take you to visit several important points of this paradise. Among the species that you can catch are flamingos, frigates, cormorants, seagulls, and pelicans.

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Punta Cocos

It is the western tip of the island. One of the most famous points on the island, which you can reach by walking along the shore of the beach (about 40 minutes from the town), or inside the mangroves on a motorcycle taxi. But the recommendation is that you do it in the morning or to see the sunset from this point, if you decide to walk on the beach you can capture other points with hammocks and fantastic photo murals.

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The sunsets are the most magical thing in Holbox, each sunset offers a different show of colors, and each one is special, we recommend having the camera ready in each one of them. It can be a cloudy day or the sky is completely clear but what is definitive is that this is one of the best scenarios that the Island offers for photos.

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Yalahau Waterhole

Not everything is sea and salt in Holbox, and swimming in fresh and freshwater like that of the Yalahau water hole, is another of the surprises it offers you. This place can be part of the tour that will take you to Isla Pájaros. This waterhole will be a delicious adventure to cool off and enjoy a bit of the fresh waters of the area. You can take a direct tour of the waterhole or one of the tours that will take you to the rest of the reserves in the area. I recommend arriving early because after 11 in the morning and high season the tourists of the place will be the main actors in your photos.

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Swings by the seaside of Holbox

Holbox swings have become one of the main attractions for Instagram photos. And it is for those who do not find the scene of being in the middle of paradise enjoying water, sun, and a refreshing drink or simply being present on this stage to enjoy the view. Many places offer you this option such as Punta Coco or Zomay, which is the local's favorite bar to enjoy the sunset.

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Hammocks by the sea in Holbox

Hammocks, like swings, are an excellent photography item. The sight of a hammock in the middle of the beach will be something that your followers will not be able to resist. Like the swings, you will find this option around the island, it will only be enough to consume in some cases, or others, they are part of some hotels that do not allow the use of visitors.

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Sand Banks

There are several sandbanks on the island but the most visited area by the Hotel Las Nubes de Holbox and in Punta Coco, the recommendation is to arrive early by bicycle since you can take a taxi there (about $ 60MEX) but the detail will be the return since it is in the most remote areas. If you are a Yoga lover, this place will surely inspire you to create a whole posture session.

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Holbox is more than a beautiful photograph, Holbox is a place that if you allow it will change you from the fibers, in this place you can not only see wonderful things but also feel them. It is a place to contemplate how wonderful the planet we live on is. and how wonderful it is to be alive. The music, the murals, the people, and that sea will go with you not only in photography but in the heart ...