The best Photo Spots in Cancun

| July 6, 2020

If we have to talk about something, it is definitely one of the best places to take the best pictures around this Mayan paradise, and Cancun could not be the exception. So here I present your best options for these unforgettable photos.

1) Sea Walls Murals

The contrast of Cancun can be seen at first sight. Although it is true that the city has certain areas that you will not find the most picturesque, you can also find places that will surprise you. The streets that contain the murals made by the artists of Sea Walls in Cancun is something you will not want to miss. You can take the afternoon to visit these colorful walls and buildings. Starting with Av Bonampak and walking towards Av Nader, each mural represents part of the ocean, in fact, you can find these murals in other places worthy of Instagram photos such as Isla Mujeres or Holbox, (places for photography that we will talk about later). Although I recommend you to keep your eyes open during your visit since the whole riviera is full of excellent murals. These impressive walls will leave you speechless.

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2) White Island

One of the favorite places for photography and outdoor activities. In Isla Blanca, you can enjoy your day and take it in your memories for Instagram since this place saves one of the most spectacular sunsets in the destination. Its calm waters will give you many options for a perfect photo.

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3) Plaza Bonita

In previous articles, I mentioned the market option 28 to carry more than a souvenir as a souvenir. Well, here is the secret. Plaza Bonita is next to the market and in its corridors is one of the best Instagrammable places in the center of Cancun, it is impossible not to think of Plaza Bonita. One of the first squares in the city. The Mexican charm of its mosaics and its Mexican pink walls will make you want to take hundreds of photos and stories to show off to your friends and family.

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4) Delfines Beach viewpoint

Here you will find the famous Cancun Spot sign and if you are already in the area you can not miss the viewpoint of Playa Delfines, and as you would imagine the view from here is wonderful, you can enjoy the incredible combination of the turquoise color of the water with the blue sky and the White sand. Also, I remind you that this beach is public, so you can go prepared for a day at the beach, to throw yourself in the sand, there is also a playground area for the little ones to have fun.

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5) Calinda Bridge

The Calinda Bridge is one of the most beautiful places for photography in Cancun, it is located in the hotel zone at kilometer 4. The Nichupté Lagoon meets the sea, the intersection of fresh and salty water, so you can imagine the attractiveness of the place. You can also see passing yachts, catamarans, boats under the bridge with people.

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6) La Isla Mall

As its name indicates, this place resembles an island, therefore the options for photography cannot be missed. An overly relaxing and entertaining square where you can find various attractions, such as its restaurants: Planet Hollywood, Jhonny Rockets, the Aquarium restaurant, among many other options.

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7) Lighthouse Punta Cancun

The lighthouse could be one of the most impressive places to take photos in Cancun, although I recommend you to go prepared, you have to take a walk to get there, and pass through the last hotels located in Punta Cancun. Take water supplies with you because you won\'t be able to find anything there and as I mentioned you have to walk. Try to do it on good day time so you won\'t struggle much with the heat.

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The Mayan Riviera is undoubtedly one of the best and most recognized places around Mexico for its beautiful sunsets and incredible turquoise landscapes. The place simply does not stop surprising you, from the most recognized places in photography to the hidden places in every corner.