The list of the best Mural Art in Holbox to take incredible photography

| August 7, 2020

One of the things that make this place special are its Murals. It is a place where artistic expression is in every corner. These murals make Holbox one of the most special places on the entire riviera. The different themes honor the flora and fauna of the place, as well as the different Mexican figures that you can find on its walls such as Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera.

Below you will find some of the options for the best murals.

Acoustic Shell

The center of Holbox is full of creative and colorful murals, you will find them around the town, so take your time to discover them one by one. The one you see in the photo belongs to the main wall of the acoustic shell. This space is a stage that is located in the middle of the central square of Holbox and around it there are many more murals that will capture your attention.

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"Ombligo de la Luna" Mural

You will find this place if you decide to visit Punta Coco on foot. It is located on the shore of the beach a few meters before reaching the point. The simplicity of this place together with the landscape of the mural that contains the text the "navel of the Moon" refers to the fact that Holbox Island is known like that because in this place you can see the full trajectory of the Moon in the nights and if you can contain the dream is a show that you cannot miss. However, if you do not succeed, you can have a beautiful photograph in this mural with a beautiful perspective of the sea.

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Fisherman in front of Amaite hotel

Holbox is an Island of Fishermen, it is an island that was populated by Pirates in times of the Spanish conquest, who stayed to populate becoming fishermen. This is the reason why you will see not only this but several murals with this theme. To this day, it is still inhabited by Holbox families who will surely have ancestors or fishermen relatives.

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Fisherman, Shark, and Watermelons Mural

This photo has an ideal color range for a photo with the little ones. The tender and fun colors make the photography more fun and playful, the element of watermelons and the graphic design of the fisherman and the shark, have a childish air, which the smallest of the family will love.

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Whale Shark Dock

The pier is one of the main places on the Island to take photos, since it will be one of the first things you will see when you know the sea of ​​the Island, in addition to being exactly where you can find the giant letters of Holbox.

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Hummingbird Calle Paloma

This particular place is from the Colibrí restaurant and is located on the corner of the Acoustic Shell (considered the central square), that is, on the corner of Tiburon Ballena and Porfirio Díaz streets. This hummingbird will attract attention as soon as you see it, since its colors are very striking and ideal for a shot with the camera.

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Frida Khalo corner

This mural is recent on the island, however, it is beginning to gain traction on Instagram. The protagonist, as in various places on the Island, is Frida Kahlo, however, they adopt the elements that accompany the protagonist to the context of the Island, just as Frida does to tell a story in her original paintings.

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Mirror of Woman and Sea in Damero street

This photograph has colors that immediately catch the eye, bright yellow makes the blue of the sky stand out. You will find this mural on Damero street very close to the main pier. The inspiration for this mural is the woman and the sea merging into one to become its reflection.

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Woman with Flamingo on her head

This mural is one of the oldest on the island but it is still a favorite. As we have mentioned before, flamingos are a great inspiration for the artists and inhabitants of this place, since being able to contemplate them in the sunsets from the turquoise blue, yellow and purple colors of the Sunset will give you goosebumps. On this island you will find many strong and full of life women, it is an effect that the island gives to the people who visit it. But this particular mural unites these two elements of inspiration and important parts of Holbox.

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Holbox murals show much of the essence of the place. They speak of the inspiration that motivates the locals to make this island a very special place. The murals also show that Holbox has a very special affection for Mexico but with different elements that make the visitor fall in love a bit.