The best historic and cultural photo spots in México City

| July 7, 2020

The relevance and attractive about this list are not only the great and best photo spots in the city when you take the chance to visit to know more about the places you visit I assure you will find even more inspiration in the photos to take to your Instagram stories or publications. Try to take the time to organize your visits it can almost take you one full day for each of these photo spots. Some of them even need a full guide of what you can do there just because every place has its magic. But patience has its rewards as some say so, here is a quit list of the best cultural and historic photo spots in México city.

1) Biblioteca Vasconcelos

If you are a fan of modern architecture photos this is the spot for you. The interior is made up of steel and glass, with each floor having seen through floors and open sides to allow visitors to look up or down. The building also has natural ventilation to the outside and outdoor balconies lining most of the outside.

So make sure that for the picture you frame it in perspective that has these elements to impress. architecture is a work of art here. It\'s intimidating in its size and known as a mega library, for book lovers it has over 400,000 square feet and holds 470,000 books. If you were thinking the inside was the only great thing here, wait for you to see the outside, full of nature and amazing architecture this place is a great inspiration for a quiet and lonely day with yourself. So take your coffee and camera, pick a book to read and spend a nice time in this amazing place.

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2) Museo Soumaya & Living Wall

Something to take to note about México is that it has great architects that have made of this city a unique place, and this location is not the exception. The living wall is something you will tell your friends about. We spoke before Polanco as one great location to take street like photos and this museum is in the same neighborhood. The modern and striking architecture is startling to the eye. Depending on what time of day you arrive, the light will reflect, leaving different configurations of light and shadow and if this wasn\'t enough, across the street for a shot of the unusual roof at the Museo Jumex with an inspirational sight of nature make sure your clothes are up to the part of this great photo spots.

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3) Teotihuacan

The monumental pyramids of Teotihuacan are outside the city but is a Tour too won\'t want to miss if you want to know the beginnings of this great city that know is known as CDMX. This place has a crazy amount of energy and also great photo spots in every pyramid. Take a chance to eat and buy from the commercial partisan area they have, and don´t forget to buy yourself some "pulque" to ease the thirst of all that going up and down the stairs of every pyramid leaves you with...

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4) Xochimilco

Does this name ring a bell? Well, you have probably seen the "Trajineras" in some movies with scenes from México city shooter in this location. This is something you can do it alone or during your visit to make a new friend that joins you to have a Mexican evening on top of a trajinera and make great photos and drink some tequila. Just consider if you are doing this on a weekend, it will probably be crowded, but don´t miss the chance if you like to do new friends and parties in a very Mexican way. Right next to this is the flower market and as Xochimilco means in the Nahuatl flowers field, you will see the most amazing and beautiful flowers in this market, perfect for an Instagram memory.

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5) Palacio postal

The Palacio Postal is the central post office in the city. What’s special about it is the architecture and amazing details everywhere you turn. Its golden and Marmol stairs are the perfect spot to take a great photo and also remember to take one with a perspective that includes the sealing. This place is just an amazing inspiration for photography and the art of architecture.

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6) Chapultepec Forest

This place has too much to do that will need an article of its own, but for the moment I can give you this. It has two museums, a big lake, places to eat, playgrounds for the kids, a scenario next to the lake for concerts and presentations, and it´s own little amusement mechanical park, all in its surface of 678 hectares. The photo spots will be something you won\'t be lacking for here, between the number of activities you will have with the family.

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7) Zocalo
The main square in this city is the Zocalo, this place has in the middle the Mexican flag, and is surrounded by historic icons, like ancient Aztec ruins, the presidential house, and the cathedral of the city. It is one of the places that need its own space to explain all the activities, but it couldn\'t be left out of this list, and from your main list of best locations for photos. The amazing constructions around the main square plus the Mexican flag will make your visit more real for the memories building you travel.

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When you travel to México, doesn 't matter you are not into cultural and historical places, it happens magnetically how much this country offers cultural learning between the lines, and even visiting with the only purpose of taking great pictures, you will have a story to tell back home about how rich its culture is.