The best beer & food places in Tulum

| July 7, 2020

Tulum is a very special place, this was the first place in la Rivera to welcome the travelers and Mexicans with a more free and artsy spirit that created what is Tulum today...And it reflects on the businesses of food also. The creativity is present in the quality of the food and decoration of some places. That´s why we decided to give you the most special recommendations for you to find a place that suits your pocket and taste.


The attention to detail in Bonita is incredible: you can see the freshness of all its ingredients and the love they put into each dish they cook. The hamburger stuffed with blue cheese and the mixture of flavors were out of the ordinary. The brioche bread is perfect and fresh and the blue cheese gives it a noticeable accent that is the icing on the cake.

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Roraima Burgers

We highly recommend the Italian burger, it is delicious !!!! Maybe you can try the Portobello, is excellent. But we bet just the sight of this Hamburger will make your appetite rise to the occasion. They are very famous for them and it won´t disappoint you. It is truly a challenge, maybe a beer with it could come handly.

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La Parrillada Tulum

The place is beautiful, simply decorated, the service very good and friendly, with adequate suggestions and recommendations. The meat quality has and roasted to your liking at the moment, a discreet wine list, but sufficient.

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La Chula

A word for La Chula = Amazing! From the moment you arrive, they greet you with a smile! The best of best is the food, it is a place with a relaxed atmosphere, where they have food from the sea and land, and if you like beer you should start with one, ask for guacamole in the center with pork kastakan (the guacamole is made at the moment without excess lemon flavor) Great! Accompanied by a green shrimp aguachile with papa's golden tacos with chorizo ​​(delight in flavor with a little bit of everything)

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Whichever place you pick, we are sure it will leave your cravings satisfied!