Sloane Square

Sloane Square Station

About this location

Sloane Square is the perfect picture of historical London, complete with centuries-old buildings, colorful architecture, and Sloane Square is right at the center of it. Set in Chelsea, Sloane Square is the perfect combination of elegance and class that will definitely set you apart.

You and I both know this is the poshest place in London, where you need a bottle of champagne and 7 crompets just to enter. Wear something nice...but not too nice. Smart-casual, with a little bit of color do well here. There's a lot of white, so try and stand out against it a bit.

With all that said, the best pictures are always taken when you feel like "you". As cheesy as that sounds, the best photos are always captured when you wear what you're comfortable with.

Can I bring friends?

Of course! The more the an extent. As you know, the shoots are only 30 minutes long, so the more people you bring, the less time you'll have. 1-4 is a good range, though we'll do what we can to accomodate whoever shows up.

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Where's the shoot?

The exact meeting spot will be emailed to you.

Upcoming availability

Keep these in mind

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel or reschedule a shoot up to 48 hours before it is to take place. If you fail to cancel within that time, or you don't show up, you will forfeit your deposit.

Showing up late

We recomend trying to arrive 5-10 minutes early to make sure you're on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be counted as a no-show and your photographer may leave.