Where to eat with short budget in Tulum

| July 30, 2020

The recommendations we present in this article are made for every kind of taste. Our gold is to present you with different options to pick from and different budgets. So jump in and get to know what Tulum has to offer in this area.

To eat cheaply in the Town:

Tacos Kukulkan Tulum

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Are you looking for an authentic Mexican food place? Well, this is a cheap and amazing option we have for you. Tacos Kukulcan will have almost anything Mexican. From enchiladas, tacos or guacamole. Perfect options to join with a cold beer.

Las Hijas de la Tostada

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A perfect place to relax with friends. We highly recommend the caramel shrimps. But still, explore the options, you might find something else to complement this choose!

La Barracuda

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In addition to delicious, it is super well served and is very affordable. Perfectly 2 people eat with the large shrimp ceviche that costs $ 260 pesos and a pitcher of chaya at $ 80 pesos.

Camel Jr

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This is a place of seafood and it is delicious. The shrimp cocktail costs $ 190 pesos, the fried fish $ 150 pesos, and the beer $ 45 pesos. Perfect choice to eat until you are full and happy.

To eat cheaply in the Hotel Zone:


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One of the favorites beach clubs. It is the cheapest, usually has live music and is "pet friendly". A beer costs $ 90 pesos and there are tacos between $ 25 and $ 45 pesos.


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It is not on the beachside, but it has an incredible private cenote where you can swim. The beer also costs $ 90 pesos and a hamburger with potatoes $ 150 pesos.

I Scream Bar

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The fort of this place is at night, it has an incredible atmosphere. The beer costs $ 90 pesos.

To eat in paradise beach, not so expensive:

Villa Pescadores

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If you visit this place in low season they only charge what you consume. Beach clubs usually rent the facilities and separate consumption. The shrimp ceviche costs $ 250 pesos and a bucket with 5 beers: $ 300 pesos.

To go out at night in the Town:

Batey bar

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It is a mojitos bar with a super atmosphere any day of the week. Tables are shared and there is usually live music. The mojitos cost $ 100 pesos.

If you are low in budget but still want to have a great time around Tulum, this list might help you to satisfy you hunger and still save some money to use in more activities.