Options to transport inside Tulum

| July 30, 2020

Tulum is very different from Playa del Carmen or Cancún. There are different areas to visit and is better if you prepare yourself because walking could be a hard option under the hot sun. Here we leave you with some options to consider.

Bike rental:

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Here there is no mobility problem and it is where it is cheaper to rent a bike. They are made approx. 15 minutes pedaling to both the Archaeological Zone and the Hotel Zone. A very good option is to rent a bike for the whole day, it takes approximately 15 minutes pedaling from the Town or from the Hotel Zone. There is a road made for bikes all the way to the Hotel Zone. Bur when you get to this area be careful because the road for bikes ends. Always take with you the mosquito repellent because this area is surrounded by nature and the house of lots of them.

Bike in the Town: $ 120 pesos for 12 hours

Hotel zone:

The ideal is to rent a bike for the whole day and cycle through the entire Hotel Zone pedaling. We do not recommend walking since they are approx. 9 kilometers and it is truly very hot. We do not recommend going by car since there is no public parking and paid parking ranges go from $ 100 to $ 500 pesos per day. But if you do and you are planning to take a picnic to save some money, you will need to get supplies for this. So maybe a cab will be a much better option for you.

Bike in the Hotel Zone: $ 250 pesos for 24 hours


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Well, this is a more than amazing option. They are not as expensive as a car and they are much more comfortable for those who are not a big fan of pedaling, TulumiBike is one of the services that offer more electric options that will make your life much easier in Tulum. Like Atv´s to explore the wildest areas in the zone an be safe and comfortable at the same time.

No matter your choice, the important thing is to be ready for the adventure that awaits in the Mexican Caribe. Tulum has so many special places that can only be seen with a proper ride, this way you will use all of your energy to enjoy the beach and the beautiful spots you can find here.