Best “real” American-style burgers in Playa del Carmen

| April 10, 2020

Probably burger is one of the first options for many when they want to eat out after a relaxing beach day. And of course that Playa del Carmen, receiving thousands of tourist every year, has really good spots where you can satisfy your cravings for this delicious dish. In this list, I left out the seafood alternative very popular around the town, and I just focused in the American-style burger.

1) Carboncitos Restaurant

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Carboncitos Restaurant has been opened for a long time in Playa del Carmen. They have an extensive menu that includes soups, seafood dishes, and inclusive an American Style hamburger, that you can make especially to suit your taste. It’s totally worth a try. You can find them on 4th Street between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue.

2) Mu. Burgerhouse

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This restaurant is a-must if you want to try authentic american burger in Playa. You can enjoy a youthful atmosphere in either of the two ambiences; indoor garden and outdoors. They offer a selection of artisanal beer to accompany your meal.

This a great place to get real American style burger, great beer or cocktails, very nice music and outstanding services at affordable prices. They are located into the back of the downtown on 40th Avenue between 4th and 6th Street.

3) 3XL Burger

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If you’re looking for hamburgers in Playa de Carmen, there is a name that always stands out, 3XL burger. They are exclusively dedicated to make delicious hamburgers. In this place you can select the type of meat do you want, they’ll cook for you, and then you can add any toppings you want from the bar toppings. You can find them on 8th Street and 25th Avenue.

4) Mr. Dog del Caribe

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This shy restaurant, located on 2th Street and 75th Street, offers a wide menu of fast food. And because of its increasingly popularity they have included burgers in its menu, becoming in one the favourite spot to get a tasty hamburger among the locals. They claim to use only Angus Certified beef, so definitely you’ll get the real American flavor here.

5) Zitla

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It's one of the most recognized restaurants in Playa del Carmen, offering a wide culinary selection with incredible taste, great music, cozy atmosphere and really friendly staff. You can find different type of food here, but you should try their scrumptious burgers. They have several branches in different parts of Mexico and in Playa del Carmen they are located 12th Street Between 15th and 20th Avenue.

You’ll definitely satisfy your cravings for an authentic American burger in Playa del Carmen