Best places to eat in Cancun

| July 30, 2020

Do not think because you are in México you have to limit yourself to only eat tacos during your trip. Cancun is very well known for its variety and different scenarios for every visitor's taste. From places to stay to restaurants, you will be able to try almost anything…

Here is a list of the best places to eat in Cancun.

1) La Destileria

Let's start with Mexican Food as La Destileria says love no longer only enters by sight, but the palate, smell, hear, and touch is fundamental to a memorable experience. This place is an excellent option to start the journey shouting ¡Viva México! Here you will not only find fabulous Mexican food options if you can't enjoy snacks, drinks, and music. From the margaritas to the sopes of Chamorro (preparation of tortilla-like dough a little thicker similar to that of a casuela to contain beans, cheese, onion and the Chamorro ~ Pork calf that is prepared in cooked or baked, natural or bathed with pasilla chili sauce) this place will make you enjoy a 100 Mexican experience.

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2) Las Palapas Park

If you want to know the variety and the favorite place for local people you have to visit the Palapas Park. This place offers everything from Mexican food to the delicious variety that the cultural fusion that the region offers in its food. This park will surprise even the most incredulous of palates since you can find something for all tastes and at an excellent price.

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3) Lorenzillo’s

This place is a treat you must consider for you and your travel partners. It is ideal for a romantic evening and the most demanding palates. Be recognized for the high quality of their dishes with lobster and seafood in general. Of course, you could not miss the Mexican touch in these dishes that, in addition to offering high-quality cuisine, has a spectacular view for those looking for more than an experience in flavors. I recommend that you are thinking of quenching your appetite in this place to make a reservation, especially in high seasons.

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4) Thai Lounge Cancún

You definitely can't miss it. If you are a lover of magic in Thai cuisine you have to visit this place. Their prices vary from 200 pesos to 700 pesos in steak dishes. They have unique ingredients, which make any palate jump for their high quality and service excellence.

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5) Navios

If you are looking for romance, this is the place. They mix the Mexican with seafood and make magic happen, you will be served in romantic cabanas over the water and is located in Cancún’s Hotel Zone.

Consider this in your order options ~ robalo al pastor – sea bass carpaccio served on a pineapple with cilantro rice and prepare for the experience.

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6) The White Box

This place is known for its elegance and warmth. You will be surprised by its gourmet quality and excellent presentation, worthy of a photo postcard. From baby octopuses, olives, shrimp blackened with coriander mayonnaise, and as a dessert, you can not miss fruits with whipped cream. You will not regret it. Suitable vegetarians, bar service, and spectacular oceanfront view. It is the perfect place for those traveling on their honeymoon.

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7) La Habichuela Sunset

Since 1977 characteristic for its unparalleled service and quality. The stories of this place ensure that you cannot miss it on your trip to Cancun. Listed as a gastronomic classic with its own identity, each dish will bring you a new proposal to the table. In addition to an excellent atmosphere. From seafood to vegetable creams, every detail of this place you will love.

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8) Gustino

If you love Italian food this is the place you want to visit. Located in the heart of Cancun within the JW Marriot hotel, its dishes and atmosphere are unmatched.serves up savory Mediterranean ingredients in an elegant ambiance, against a background of live jazz.

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9) Hacienda Sisal

Traditional Mexican Food, discover the taste of México at Hacienda Sisal. Mexican food, tequila for connoisseurs, and much more in a romantic setting with warm hacienda hospitality. The perfect example of what it would be like to be inside a Mexican hacienda Endless flavors and enticing aromas, it is a marriage of native herbs and spices used since the days of the ancient Maya and Aztecs and European and Middle Eastern ingredients introduced by Spanish settlers in the 16th century and the authentic taste of Mexican food.

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We hope this list makes your belly happy and also your eyes marvel with some of these locations at the edge of the sea... So prepare yourself for great experiences!