Best photo spots at Tulum´s beach

| July 6, 2020

Yes! We needed to create a specific list for Tulum´s best photo spots around the beach. So take a look into this list and get ready to be desperate to have your swimwear on and inside these photos.

1) Tulum beach and the palm trees

What is enchanting about Tulum´s beach area is that it has a very different vibe than Cancún or Playa. This place has different elements that make it different. From the businesses around to the ambiance of the beach, it makes you feel a little more Caribean than the rest. And the beach has these fun elements like the palm trees to take a perfect photo.

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2) Dead nature at the seaside

This is a perfect spot for a photo. Not only because you can get on the branch, but also because of the visual effect that the dead nature does inside the turquoise waters. You will have to walk some steps to find it. It gets easier if you ask for the right direction to follow to find, could be a little tricky, especially because it depends on which side of the beach you enter.

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3) Tulum´s waves

Some walks you have to take alone, but make sure someone follows you with a camera, ha! The waves and color of Tulum beach make by themselves a beautiful photo, and the truth is that is necessary to have one of these photos to complete the album. So before you make your way off, ask for a photo while you go. This way this special moment with yourself will be kept forever.

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4) Mambo Beach

We meant it when we said that Tulum is very special, and this is a big proof of it. The way they use vintage elements all around the Town and Beach makes this place unique in concept and design. The turquoise vintage door at this beach club is a perfect example of this. Just beautiful!

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5) Casa Malca nature gate

More than an exclusive Hotel and beach club, Casa Malca is an inspiration for interior designers and more hotels that introduced this kind of location on the beach to make them selfs notice. The club area has a natural entrance, this hotel has an eco concept where they go outside the box with the beauty and organic design of their installations. They used the natural elements of the place to create this place.

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6) Coco Tulum

Coco Tulum is one of our favorite clubs, is one of the most accessible clubs between the exclusive ones and has a perfect spot to not only take a photo, but stop to take a drink and enjoy the day. Depending on the season they could even be able to let you only take drinks if you wish to. besides the white frame they have, you could also get some pretty photos on their swing right in front of the beach.

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This is only a little taste of what Tulum Beach Zone has to offer. Fun and great areas to get inspiration from. Even if you are not that experimented in photography this spots have super elements you can use to start playing with the camera.