Best Mexican sweets to buy (and where to get them)?

| April 10, 2020

When we talking about food is always hard to make a top, more if we consider the Mexican gastronomy which is full of variety of flavours, different ingredients and peculiarity. Being a dessert lover, I can say that it was difficult for me to come up with a short list. But here is:

1) Churros:

It’s a very famous Mexican treat. It is a variation of the world-wide Spanish dessert. It’s a delicious long fried mass of flour and eggs, normally filled with chocolate or caramel cream. However, there are a variety of filling you can choose.

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Where to get it?

In the 5th Avenue (Quinta Avenida) there is a stand where people queue to get them. However, if you fancy the best churros according to the locals, you’d go to the 15th Avenue named Churros-man Rohelio.

2) Authentic Sweets:

There are some treats that you can find in Deli section of the supermarket. And please don’t get confused they have a great quality and still conserved the authenticity of a home-made sweet. Some of my favourites are:


They are delicious balls of shredded candied coconut with sweetened condensed milk. What can I say? they are delightful.

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They are one of my favourites. These thin wafers filled with “dulce de leche” (it’s like a caramel cream) can be enjoyed by everybody.


This is a popular Mexican dessert, is also known as quince cheese. It consists in a thick jelly paste made of guava, fig, peach, apricot or quince fruit. This is a favourite Mexican dessert traditionally served with manchego cheese.


The name of this dessert means happiness. So, you can go wrong with them. They are made of toasted amaranth seeds glued together using honey. They are a healthy treat so you can satisfy your sweet-tooth and stay fit.

Tamarindo Sweets

Tamarind is a fruit with a unique flavour. If you’re into sour taste, you should give a chance to these candies. There are made with the pulp, and its flavour may vary from sweet and sour to hot.

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Where you can find it?

Go to Chedraui Supermarket located in the 5th Avenue. They have a great Delicates Section. So, don’t forget to buy some treats for you or take them home as souvenirs.

3) Marquesita:

Probably if you haven’t been in Mexico, you don’t know this sweet-treat. This dish is a crepe that are rolled up and filled with melted shredded cheese and it can be filled with variety of sweet toppings. It has an strong flavour so it is not for everybody.

Where you can find it?

Marquesita are usually serves up on street-stands. There are especially common during the carnival. However, there are two places in Playa del Carmen that you can get it, one is in a street cart located in park near to the City Hall, and the other is in the Walmart downtown on 8th Street.

4) Tres Leches Cake

This famous dessert has a highly disputed origin. But there is no doubt about its amazing flavour and incredible texture. It consists in a fluffy cake soaked in a cream of three milks (Commonly used are evaporated, condensed and cream milk) and covered with a meringue mixture. Did it make you mouth water? I don’t blame you.

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Where you can find it?

It can be found in bakeries, grocery stores and restaurants. There is a really great bakery named Pasteleteria Bakery, just outside of the downtown that offers great quality of cakes. Shoebox Bakery Shop is a popular Bakery that totally worth to visit, you can find from a traditional Tres Leches to any other cake you can image.

Hey! Do you have any place to recommend me? I am always looking for satisfy my fondness for sweets