Best Breakfast in Playa del Carmen

| April 10, 2020

Playa del Carmen is really worth visiting, there not only you will be delighted with stunning crystal clear water beaches with incredible white sand, there also you will be exposed to a wide variety of delicious delicacies including both, local Mexican flavors or international options. When we talk about breakfast there are some spots you can’t miss, here is the list, in no particular order, with all of them.

1) Chez Celine

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This a very popular restaurant in Playa del Carmen located in the crowded 5th Avenue. But do not let this holds you back; this restaurant is far away from those pricey and simple food offering places that you probably think you will find around there. Chez Celine offers a delightful French menu that includes delicate pastries and wide variety of sandwiches.

Any plate you choose you can’t go wrong, but maybe you want to try the almond croissant, it’s just delicious. They also offer great beverages options to accompany your breakfast.

It can be really crowded, especially in morning, so be prepared.

2) La Cueva del Chango

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If you’re looking for a more Mexican traditional breakfast, this is the place for you. They have an extensive menu including chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, tuna toast or lighter option like fresh fruit salad with yogurt.

A plus in this restaurant, besides the great food, is the cozy atmosphere in the lovely garden, making a perfect place to have a relaxing and really authentic Mexican breakfast. You can find them in 38th Street.

3) Lara & Luca

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Unlike the first two on the list, Lara & Luca is a small restaurant off the beaten track, and according to locals one of the best places to have a delicious breakfast in Playa del Carmen. They offer a wide menu with classic breakfast options flavored with local touch at reasonable prices.

It’s a cozy place with a really friendly staff that makes you want to come back. They are located in Aviacion Avenue.

4) Madrez! Café

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This is a tiny café shop with delicious breakfast selection. You can have there from benedict eggs to waffles with varied toppings. They also offer great beverages options and the coffee really stands out, that smooth cappuccino definitely worth a try. It’s a great spot if you looking for vegetarian selection. You can find them in 8th Street, between the beach an 5th Avenue.

5) Choux Choux Café

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This Café Shop not only has one of the best coffees in Playa del Carmen, they also offer a delicious French menu for breakfast time. The interior design with modern artwork and chic decoration makes the experience of eating here a totally worthy experience. It's a-must in Playa del Carmen. You can find this restaurant in 20th Avenue and 24th Street.

Well, No matter if you’re looking for a French breakfast or a more Mexican alternative, Playa de Carmen gives you delicious options.