Best boutique Hotels in Tulum

| July 30, 2020

It is a big challenge to pick this list, Tulum is the place that has more options for this in the hole Riviera Maya. So if you are looking to stay in a place like this, first look at all of the options and prices, and pick the one that's suits you better and to your budget. They all are beautiful and as they have a lot of competition, they all put their best effort to offer you the vacations of your life. Here we present to you our favorites, but there are more than 30 options we could know of their existence.

Coco Tulum Hotel

Maybe you have already seen this one on our past lists, maybe for the best photo spot or beach club, but still, we have to mention it in this list. It is rated as one of the best options, because of its location and popularity. They have excellent service and the prices might get a little high, depending on the season but you can look for promotions in low season and every penny will be worth it.

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Be Tulum hotel

Be amazed should be the name! This place appears to be made to take your breath away. Without a question this is our favorite interior design of all. It is a dream place. But if you don´t believe with one photo check put their Instagram account and see it for yourself. This is the place where the symbiotic relationship between architecture, the earth, and the curation of materials can be seen and felt.

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Delek Tulum

Simplicity and beauty are words to describe this place. The installations are just perfect. The comfort they offer and the vibe of nature will make complete your vacations. They invite their guests to just enjoy life! They keep alive the Mexican vibe. They have a spa area and a Temazcal ideal to relax and renew yourself.

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Casa Malca

Well, this is not a new one on our list, on the side of having one of the best photo spots in Tulum´s Beach, Csa Malca is one of the best Hotel boutiques in the zone if you think the photo spot we mentioned is amazing, wait to see every corner of the Hotel. From the service, decor, and uniqueness of the place, Casa Malca has international recognition and fame. Every room of the hotel has a different theme and color. And if you love food, this place has top cuisine. As you could imagine it is not cheap as it is on Condé Nast Readers’ Choice Awards - Top 20 Resorts in Eastern Mexico.

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Last but not least on the list, is Azulik. This place is famous internationally and, no wonder why. From the gallery, we mentioned before as one of the best places for the photo not only in Tulum but the whole Riviera Maya, the Hotel is no exception. This place is made out of a dream, every inch of it is different from everything you will see. And of course, this makes it one of the most expensive places. But do not worry, if this is not inside your budget, the entrance to the Gallery is free and is a perfect opportunity to take some great memories back with you.

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This top list will make your mind fly away to Tulum. It is important to mention that the Riviera has a lot of beautiful places to spend the perfect vacations and a big list of Boutique Hotels to choose from. So make the research and if your favorite is in this list, we guarantee that you will have the time of your life.