Woman´s Posing Style Guide in Portobello Road

| October 4, 2020

Many times when we are in the middle of a photo session and we are not used to being in front of the camera, we can feel a bit uncomfortable. That is why we decided to make this guide with some examples of poses that can inspire you for your mini shoot in this location. Portobello Road is characterized by its elegant and colorful style. The walls, flowers, and colors that surround these brick streets are often the favorite for a feminine, urban London, and romantic setting.

Remember that it is very important to feel comfortable in your own skin so that this is reflected in the photograph, the more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to project the image you want in the photo.

Pink and Pose Portobello Road

This is an excellent example of girl power in a single photograph, this setting on Portobello Road is a favorite of the Pic ur Photo clients. This pink brick facade has been the scene of excellent examples of poses, as having the back of this colorful wall highlights the feminine confidence in the photo sessions. If this pose turns out to be an inspiration for your mini photoshoot, try to emphasize your hips by pushing it to the side and placing your hands on your waist. Showing a confident and flirtatious expression makes your features stand out in this painting.

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Movement and smile, the essentials for a photo with natural style

Portobello Road is the perfect setting to feel fresh and feminine. This photo example shows us the cobbled streets on Portobelo Road and its beautiful ivy and brick facades. The pose that this model shows us has an air of naturalness with a dreamy touch. A moving photo has to be natural if this is your goal. Try to think of a slow but continuous movement and always be attentive to the gesticulations of your face in order to achieve the perfect photo. A moving photo has to be natural if this is your goal. Try to think of a slow but continuous movement and always be attentive to the gesticulations of your face in order to achieve the perfect photo.

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Your confidence makes you glow

Choose a wall where you can relax your body. This scenario has the perfect bricked walls and shiny places where you can take advantage and inspire your confident self to come out to the camera. Make emphasis on what you are thinking while the camera is clicking. Do not overthink it, just feel your expression, and relax with it. This example has a magical and secret touch to it, those killer eyes...A hidden smile always does the work to complete a perfect pose.

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Flirt with the camera and love the result

One of the best known and heard secrets in the world of photography is having fun while posing for the camera. A flirty look and the result is amazing. Portobello Road is a place that will make you shine in your own skin, but it is important that you have fun while posing, give the lens a known name, this will help you feel relaxed. If you are looking for a cute and cute result at the same time, this is the formula that never fails.

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Your hair, the protagonist of the photo

Portobello Road is one of those settings that allows you to stand out against the pastel and lead blues around the street. The example we present to you is one of our favorites because when you sit and relax on this beautiful facade, you can have this result. When you can feel relaxed, you achieve what we call "posing without posing." A photo with naturalness and spontaneity is one of the best results you can expect in a photo session. Playing with your hair is one of the infallible ones, the secret is that the moment you make the head movement, try to keep a smile and your eyes looking at the camera, since many times, in the inertia of movement, we tend to close the eyes and the shot is lost.

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Pretty white dress Pose

Portobello Road is one of the favorite locations for those who love romantic style. From its ivy and flower-filled walls to its cobblestone floors and brick walls, this place will inspire your romantic senses. If your goal is a result similar to this, try to use your favorite dress in your favor, when you add a touch of movement and sheer fabrics to the photo, this is the result, if you want the photo to be about the dress, put your gaze on the canvas, or add an even more dreamy air, looking at the horizon or sky, not directly at the camera. Add a little more style to your photo by using a bag or hat as an accessory.

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Walk away and strike a pose

A beautiful photo, the sum of the Portobello Road style, and a fun mini-session. The most important thing in any shoot, professional model or not, is to have fun while capturing that moment. This location keeps a secret ingredient, its private and lonely streets. Here you will have the opportunity to bleach your hair and be creative in your poses. Walking and smiling is one of the classics that should not be missed, this not only helps your body look much more natural in the photo. Try to relax your arms while doing it, as if you walk overthinking your pose, this will immediately be reflected in your arms and hands. A photo in a 3/4 back profile will always be favorable, both in your features as well as in the style of the pose.

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Look away and smile away

For this type of photography, it is important to feel comfortable with the environment. This type of element in the photo, such as the flowerpot and a nice window, can be elements that help to achieve the photo you are looking for. Although they are quite simple elements, they help to add a feminine style to the photo. Lean your body against the wall, a very important and flattering tip is for your hips to lean slightly by slightly lifting one foot against the wall. If you want to achieve the effect that this example has, try not to raise your knee too much, because then it can easily turn into a pose with a somewhat more rough and masculine style, which works perfectly too, but if your style is something more similar to this, try to make the poses always more subtle.

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Perfect pose for a Sports lifestyle photoshoot

This part is one of our favorite locations if you are looking for a more sporty or even rockstar-like result. The gray oxford wall makes any model in front stand out, if you are looking for a space in which you can show off a less romantic and more urban style, this wall will be ideal if you are looking for this variety of scenarios in a single location. This photo is an excellent example of a sporty style pose. The model is relaxed, but her body is straight despite lifting it slightly on the wall, this helps the model's confidence stand out in the frame. Remember that a hidden smile on your face will always help lift your features. Try not to lift your face too high if the cameraman is lower than you. It is very important that you level the profile of your face if you are looking for this type of result.

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A female photoshoot can have different styles, but whichever you choose to try to keep in mind that the best photos are taken when you feel comfortable with your own skin. Portobello Road is one of our favorites, we hope this guide can inspire your posing style and find what makes you feel great!