Pic ur photo guide for a Male Posing Style in Portobello Road

| October 1, 2020

Many times when we are in the middle of a photo session and we are not used to being in front of the camera, we can feel a bit uncomfortable. That is why we decided to make this guide with some examples of poses that can inspire you for your mini shoot in this location. Portobello Road is characterized by its elegant and colorful style. The walls that surround these brick streets are often the favorite setting for a clean and casual look.

Remember that it is very important to feel comfortable in your own skin so that this is reflected in the photograph, the more relaxed you are, the easier it will be easier to project the image you want in the photo.

This example is one of the essentials within your selection. A big smile breaks all the barriers if you are somewhat shy. Try to convey that confidence in yourself through your smile if you decide to take this example literally, choose your favorite scenario and take a wall as a support to relax your body and add a touch of security, leaning one leg against the wall.

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If you are looking for a photo closer to your face, it is important to project your photo idea by looking at the camera. Try to imagine that you were looking directly at someone with whom you feel comfortable, at the same time that you relax your body using some elements that are around you such as a chair or wall on which you can lean. Try to always keep a relaxed face without forcing your gesticulations, since the lens can capture even the slightest discomfort on the face. a flirtatious and confident attitude like the one shown in this photograph will not fail to produce a spectacular photo.

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One of the reasons why we love this photograph is that the model transmits a confident attitude while interacting with its surroundings, which naturally causes a smile on its face.

If taking a sitting photo is among your goals, try to show your whole body to the camera and if you are at ground level, show your hands in front and always relaxed. Many times when we are in the middle of a photo session we forget a key element in the photographs: the hands, they can play against or in your favor depending on how attentive you can be of the element when posing. A male pose cannot be complete on many occasions if the model does not show one of the accessories that work as a support in male photo shoots, the wristwatch can be one of your greatest allies in a minishoot. Try to pay attention to how this element is shown in your photograph.

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Do not forget that the best photos are taken when you manage to project yourself in the frame so if you lean on your own style you will be able to feel comfortable when posing. We love this example that we show you since the model integrates movement and elements of his wardrobe to achieve a natural and spontaneous pose. As we mentioned in the previous example, the use of your hands is very important for the pose to be complete. Don't forget that a smile will always make your features and personality shine in the photograph.

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This photo is shown in a frame close to the model and is used to create a fun atmosphere using the background colors and an excellent attitude on the part of the model when he appears relaxed and happy in the photo. If you are looking to make a pose fixing the attention of your horizon gaze of your cameraman, try to think about aligning your face towards the camera and looking away. This will help flatter your profile but achieve a natural and spontaneous pose at the same time.

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The example that we present here is a classic of masculine poses. Using the pockets of your pants as support to generate a more natural pose will never fail for your objectives. Placing yourself well positioned with your back straight and your arms relaxed is essential to be able to achieve a good photo, And how can you see the model in this example is looking to the side without neglecting where the camera lens is directed. You can align your body slightly towards your favorite profile.

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The model is very relaxed in front of the camera and uses the wall on his side to show his body completely frontally, leaning it slightly towards the wall as support to achieve a more confident pose. Remember that it is very important if you are in a frame close to your camera to try to relax the frown of your face as much as possible and try to put shyness aside as this will be evident in the result. As in the previous example, the model uses the pockets of his pants to put his attention on his hands and on the camera in front of him so that nothing in his posture reflects any discomfort.

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Portobello Road has scenarios with very elegant colors and this is something that you should take advantage of in your photo session. At Pic ur Photo, we use this photography spot as one of the most elegant in this setting, and it is ideal for male photo shoots. Use the elements that are around you, as in this example, the model interacts with one of the armchairs and places itself comfortably, focusing its posture on showing its confidence and comfort with the accessories it uses. It is important that even if you perform a sitting pose you are always aware of the posture of your back.

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The example that we present here shows us a spontaneous pose that transmits security and movement. a male photo session cannot be complete without using your hands in your favor as in this example, this pose is one of your essentials to show a masculine attitude, showing your hands in front of the camera is synonymous with security and a classic in men's poses. Again, is the perfect pose to show your favorite wristwatch in the photo.

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If what you are looking for in one of your photographs is to show your favorite profile, and you cannot feel very comfortable standing in front of the camera, look for a spot where you can sit to be sideways to the camera, remember that you include a sure look of relaxed face the result will be much more flattering.

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A male photo session is for a relaxed and casual style so you are looking for an elegant result. It is important that you have these two ideas in your head while you perform the different poses that inspire you. remember that the best style is the one that reflects your personality.