The 9 top urban photography spots in London you've walked right passed

Christian Ostmo | May 2, 2019

There are so many historically significant places in London that if you're a tourist, you may whisk from icon to icon, and miss the greatest urban photography spots in between. Here's everything you need to snag those you'd normally miss.

FYI: you can click on each image for more info on pose + exact location + how to achieve it.

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We've never seen other people in this spot, but it is THE BEST place to shoot Canary Wharf. It's not in Canary Wharf, but it is right across the river, and it's the only place you'll get this kind of color. Forget about going straight into the city. Go here instead.

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This alleyway is near London Bridge, so you can split a cab on your way there, but ditch whoever else is in the cab, because if too many people find out about this spot, photos won't be as good.

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Brick Lane is best known for really just one thing: graffiti. You find the best graffiti in the area, you found the essence of what it is.

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Thousands of tourists every month go to London Bridge to get pictures of the Shard and Tower Bridge, but we found the best place to get photos of both: sneak up onto a (public) balcony on the Bank side of the river between the two iconic bridges.

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Here's the view of the Shard I promised in the last one.

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London is such a cool city, because it's not all giant buildings and skyscrapers. Right in the center of the city, you can find these clean white arches near Covent Garden.

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Want to look fancy? Cool? Artsy? Manly? They can all be accomplished with the right attitude here against this black brick wallk in Shoreditch.

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Soho is so diverse that right down the street from Chinatown there's an abundance of pretty colors. Plus, the Old School Cinema lights are a nice touch.

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Ok, I'm sure you know Tower Bridge, and you've probably even taken pictures of it...but most people walk across the bridge and take photos from the riverside, with the bridge in the background. Actually ON THE BRIDGE can be an awesome place to take photos if you can manage the right angle.
Christian Ostmo
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