The 6 best London photography spots you don’t already know about

Every Joe and Nancy from Oklahoma knows to take photos at London Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Piccadilly Circus, but you’re here because you want to be different. Here are the best photography spots in London you don’t already know about:

FYI: you can click on each image for more info on pose + exact location + how to achieve it.

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This is THE PINK HOUSE. You know..from the scene..Love Actually! (look it up) Anyway, it’s famous and beautiful, and you can pretend to live there.

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This alleyway is near London Bridge, so you can split a cab with Joe and Nancy, but it’s going to show you a lot more of what London has to offer.

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Thousands of people every month snag photos of Tower Bridge from London Bridge, but we found possibly the best public view: perched up on a public balcony that hardly anyone ever goes to.

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The secret is out: this was taken at the same spot as number 3, but the Shard looks incredible from here.

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Near Covent Garden, but not in Covent’ll find way fewer people and picture perfect arches.

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Fancy something a bit…artsy? Check out this sweet spot in Soho. There’s no doubt that Soho has some of the most objectively cool photo spots in London, but you always have to keep your eyes wide open and explore the side streets.